Titans assimilator
This support unit cannot attack and has no defense, but its UV ability will damage all Khralean (it does not damage buried units) and Sapien units within 5 tiles of it by 1 point. It takes 11 rounds to recharge the UV. It can also convert an Underling next to it into a cybernetic creature that joins your army. Move it next to friendly units to multiply their repair rate by 2. Have multiple Assimilators surrounding a heavily damaged unit to repair it more quickly.


Cost 200
Mobility 6
Mobility Underground 0
Mobility after Attack 0
Vision (FoW) 3
Repair Points 1
Defense Strength 0
Attack Range 1
Attack strength VS ground light 0
Attack strength VS ground heavy 0
Attack strength VS aerial 0
Attack strength VS aquatic 0
Attack after move No
Teleport No
Special force UV
EMP radius N/A
UV radius 5
Number of moves per turn 1

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